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Ben's Bees

List of Products/Services Offered.


Raw Honey 500 grams

500 grams of local pure raw honey straight from me a beekeeper!

AUD 10

Honey Comb pattern pure candle

Made from nothing but pure beeswax. Burns for over 8 hours

AUD 18

WA Bee pollen

100 % Western Australian Jarrah Bee Pollen Western Australian bee pollen is the cleanest and purest bee pollen in the world. Bee pollen is a superfood rich in vitamins, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients. Throw away your synthetic multivitamins and add Bee Pollen to your smoothies or desserts for the extra nutrition you need! 200 gram

AUD 26.95

Beeco Smoker

Victorian made of high-quality stainless steel, the BeeCo smoker has been a firm favourite with the Australian hobbyist and professional beekeepers A medium sized smoker which measures 11cm in diameter x 27cm high. The external shield offers protection to the beekeeper from the hot smoker. This smoker is the best on the market with long lasting quality bellows

AUD 85

Pure bees wax Easter egg candle

Easter is a time of giving and receiving, and what better present for that special person than a pure beeswax Easter egg candle? The egg has long been a symbol of new life and fertility; in Africa, the practice of decorating and engraving ostrich eggs dates back 60,000 years! The ancient Egyptians associated eggs with rebirth and royalty, and decorated or sculptured eggs often adorned their tombs. The early Christians of Mesopotamia were responsible for the tradition of painted eggs at Easter, and this then spread throughout Europe. Similarly, beeswax has been intimately associated with human history since the Neolithic period and has been used for a multitude of purposes. This versatile, nontoxic, natural product has a low melting point, is easily worked, never goes bad, and can be heated and reused as required. Ancient civilisations used beeswax for embalming and it was once a unit of trade. Other early uses included wax writing tablets, and as an essential element in the production cosmetics, bows and various musical instruments. Beeswax candles first appeared in about 40 BC and were once required exclusively by the Roman Catholic church. Our beautiful Easter egg candles are hand made from ethically-produced pure beeswax. Rich with history and symbolism, they are perfect for celebrating Easter and the promise of the year ahead. 10 hour burn time

AUD 18