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If you have any questions about your setup or our system, please complete the message box and an automatic ticket will be created for our support team. Otherwise please look in our knowledgebase and you may find your answer there.

This is for Beekeeping Equipment Stores Only - if you are a beekeeper and sell some equipment or tools then sign up only as a Beekeeper.

Host A Hive provides a fully interactive e-Store to member stores, allowing them to promote their products to a wide beekeeping community. The Hostahive web site is dedicated to help beekeepers access local markets online and service their clients much easier in the online world. By joining this site, your products are instantly accessible to the many hobby beekeepers who are looking to not only sell locally but also to buy locally.

To allow you to evaluate the system and see how easy it is to use, the first month is free and you will only be asked to pay the annual fee at the end of the first month.

Your annual fee will be used to promote the site and advertise products so as to stimulate your sales.