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List of Products/Services Offered.


Swarmcommander swarm lure

Natural queen pheromone product for using with bait hives 2oz (59ml) spray bottle

AUD 56.1

Delivery Charge: 9

Bee Sign

No Trespassing bee sign on rigid aluminium.

AUD 65

Pure Silver legal tender coin

Pure Silver Polish National Bank 20 zl legal tender coin - limited collectors proof quality mintage. Comes with certificate of authenticity.

AUD 180

Australian Postage

Additional Postage for customers who missed the postage and chose pick up.


Swarmcommander Super Lure

The Swarm Commander Super Lure is the easiest and newest swarm lure in the market. Simply hang in your empty hive or swarm trap and you are baited for a minimum of 90 days.

AUD 18

Delivery Charge: 8